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AbStar Fitness creates high-intensity, low-impact interval training (“HILIIT“) classes for your gym and its members. Classes emphasize safe, low-impact movements that improve strength, increase stamina and promote body balance and stability in a relaxed, positive, music-filled atmosphere. Classes require an Exercise Star and mat for each participant and may be augmented with dumbbells and exercise straps. Requires only the approximate space of a yoga mat for each member.

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We create unique fitness programs that improve strength, stamina, and stability for your members. Our programs feature the patented Exercise Star, a safer, more effective and versatile alternative to the decades-old exercise ball.

AbStar Gyms

The Exercise Star

The Exercise Star is rated to 500 lbs., is only eleven inches high and twenty inches in circumference, and with its built-in anti-slip base, it stays exactly where you want it. The small form factor, 3.5 lb. weight, and supportive PVC materials make our core trainer easy to carry, store and use. The patented, rounded-star design helps keep exercisers in the best positions to maximize benefits. No more sinking into big, spongy exercise balls. No more wasted time!

The Exercise Star by AbStar is available for licensing.

AbStar Core

The AbStar Core class is an ultra-low-impact class designed for beginners and those returning to exercise, It consists of a number of core exercises and balance exercises, sometimes using light hand weights or straps. This class may help exercisers learn more about their bodies as they improve their fitness levels. Designed to be a 30-minute class.

AbStar Fitness

A division of Bionic Ventures LLC, AbStar Fitness creates unique fitness products and programs to help people exercise more safely and efficiently.

AbStar Core & More

The AbStar Core & More class is high-intensity, low-impact interval training (HILIIT). It consists of multiple sets of core exercises, along with squats, lunges, balance work, and body weight exercises. Light or medium hand weights are incorporated into exercises when appropriate. Designed for intermediate to advanced exercisers, this class lasts 45 minutes. Emphasizing strength and stamina improvements with secondary benefits of better balance, body awareness and flexibility, this class is valuable for the majority of a general gym population.

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AbStar® and the Exercise Star™ are available for licensing.