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Exercise Classes

Small Group Classes

Offer small group exercise classes led by a personal trainer or group fitness professional. Like-minded members or friends can train together under supervision for very low individual fees. Your trainers can create more valuable relationships while achieving higher overall hourly training rates.

Group Fitness Classes

Easily add AbStar programs to your regular group fitness class schedule. Offer something new, interesting, and effective for your members at a very low cost for your gym. Solidify relationships with your members by offering cutting-edge programs using your own trainers and group fitness professionals.

Personal Training

Help your personal trainers enable faster client success. Utilize the Exercise Star between weight sets to keep a workout moving! Change between exercises quickly to use more muscles in less time and keep heart rates high.


Use the Exercise Star indoors or out. Its versatility aids in program design and effectiveness. If you focus on bodyweight exercises, use the core trainer to add an unstable surface to make those exercises even more effective.

Exercise Classes For Everyone

In AbStar exercise classes, class leaders encourage members to focus on their individual needs and performances. We discourage competitions, rep counting or comparisons. We encourage individuals to better learn about their bodies as they confront a changing center of gravity with the use of the Exercise Star or movement through space.

Gyms have diverse memberships where people of many ages, fitness levels, and goals come together. Abstar exercise classes emphasize low-impact exercises to enhance function while also preserving function. Not everyone should take “HIIT” classes due to their use of joint-pounding repetitions. But everyone can benefit from AbStar’s high-intensity, low-impact classes. (Note: High-intensity is always relative to the individual.)

Add high-intensity, low-impact interval training (“HILIIT“, pronounced ‘highlight’) programs for your members. Utilizing range-of-motion stretching, bodyweight exercises, dumbells, straps, the Exercise Star, and balance exercises in a relaxed, music-filled atmosphere creates a complete, life-enhancing workout.

Exercise classes from AbStar Fitness improve stamina

Improving your stamina will help you get through your whole day always at your peak performance.

Exercise classes from AbStar Fitness improve core strength
Core Strength

Every movement you make depends upon your core muscles. Make your life easier and more efficient by improving your core strength.

Exercise classes from AbStar Fitness improve flexibility

Improving flexibility will help you move more efficiently with grace and ease and help you in everything you do.

Exercise classes from AbStar Fitness may offer physical therapy benefits
Physical Therapy

Using the Exercise Star can help you recover from injuries and may help you avoid them in the first place. (Physical therapy is NOT a focus of AbStar exercise classes, but may be an ancillary benefit.)

Exercise classes from AbStar Fitness offer rejuvenation

AbStar exercise classes employ peaceful, uplifting music in a supportive atmosphere to strengthen and rejuvenate you at the same time.

Exercise classes from AbStar Fitness offer total body exercise
Total Body

You can improve strength, stamina, and stability throughout your body by exercising with the Exercise Star.

Member Benefits

Our exercise classes emphasize safe, low-impact movements that improve strength, increase stamina and promote body balance and stability in a relaxed, positive, music-filled atmosphere.


Utilizing body weight and dumbbells with multiple low-impact, high-rep sets and exercises challenge each participant. Emphasizing growth in functional strength means that AbStar classes are fit for everyone.


Stamina is built through multiple, high-intensity exercises. Emphasizing muscle groups repetitively with intermittent rest intervals produces results.


Utilizing the safe unstable surface of the Exercise Star improves body awareness and balance. Lunges, squats and one-legged balance work to enhance function by improving strength, stamina, and stability.

What specific exercises should we expect?

Expect sets of crunches, back extensions, lunges, squats, pushups, foot fire drills, and myriad other exercises that may utilize the Exercise Star, dumbbells, exercise bands or straps, and other fitness tools.

What is the typical number of repetitions per set?

We prefer time under tension and muscle exhaustion measures versus a number of repetitions due to the variability in repetition speed and intensity. Most importantly, instructors must help members focus on how their bodies feel at every moment so they can learn to adjust their own effort and rest periods to best benefit themselves.

Click here to read a time under tension research study.
Click here for a simpler explanation for utilizing time under tension.

What exercises aren't included?

We do not utilize jumping exercises or exercises that use momentum like kettlebell swings. Our exercises are intended for maximum benefit while minimizing wear and tear on the joints.

Why do you charge a fee?

We charge a small monthly fee only if you use our trademark in your advertising, scheduling, marketing or other materials. Otherwise, our programs are free for you to use.

How much do Exercise Stars cost?

The retail price is $54.99 each but they are currently on sale through Abstar.com for $39.99 each. Our special price for gyms is only $35 apiece for an order of ten or more plus at-cost bulk shipping and any applicable sales tax.

Within ten miles of Santa Monica, CA, we offer free delivery and setup for gyms.



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