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How Will You Use Your Exercise Star?

Here are just a few of the scores of exercises you can perform.

Exercise classes with the Exercise Star - showing V-crunch

Engage the Core

Exercise classes with the Exercise Star - showing back extension

Work Every Side

Exercise classes from AbStar Fitness - showing inner thigh squeezes with crunch

Inner Thighs

Exercise classes with the Exercise Star - showing weighted ab twists

Safely add Weight

Exercise classes with the Exercise Star - showing alternating superwomans

Add Variety

Exercise classes from AbStar Fitness - showing side bends

Hit Every Core Muscle

Exercise classes with the Exercise Star - showing push ups on knees

Add Instability to Your Exercise

Exercise classes with the Exercise Star - showing push ups on toes

Challenge Yourself

Exercise classes from AbStar Fitness - showing chest pumps

Squeeze for Strength

About the Exercise Star

  • The patented Exercise Star (aka AbStar AIR) revolutionizes inflatable core fitness trainers.
  • Creates a safe unstable exercise surface that vastly improves upon big, bulky exercise balls.
  • Makes core exercising more efficient, safe, and fun.
  • Core exercising on an unstable surface may enhance muscle recruitment and benefits* for most exercisers.
  • Easy to carry, move and store.
  • Supportive, compact, and only inches high means it’s safer for your members.
  • Never re-pump, because the Exercise Star’s industrial strength valve prevents air loss.
  • Convenient, lightweight, one size fits all.
  • Great for group fitness classes and personal trainer use with clients.

Why Exercise on an Unstable Surface?

From Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 2010, 35(1): 109-112, https://doi.org/10.1139/H09-128

“The use of instability devices and exercises to train the core musculature is an essential feature of many training centres and programs. It was the intent of this position stand to provide recommendations regarding the role of instability in resistance training programs designed to train the core musculature.

The core is defined as the axial skeleton and all soft tissues with a proximal attachment originating on the axial skeleton, regardless of whether the soft tissue terminates on the axial or appendicular skeleton. Core stability can be achieved with a combination of muscle activation and intra-abdominal pressure. Abdominal bracing has been shown to be more effective than abdominal hollowing in optimizing spinal stability.

When similar exercises are performed, core and limb muscle activation are reported to be higher under unstable conditions than under stable conditions. However, core muscle activation that is similar to or higher than that achieved in unstable conditions can also be achieved with ground-based free-weight exercises, such as Olympic lifts, squats, and deadlifts. Since the addition of unstable bases to resistance exercises can decrease force, power, velocity, and range of motion, they are not recommended as the primary training mode for athletic conditioning.

However, the high muscle activation with the use of lower loads associated with instability resistance training suggests they can play an important role within a periodized training schedule, in rehabilitation programs, and for nonathletic individuals who prefer not to use ground-based free weights to achieve musculoskeletal health benefits.”*

*Bold type and paragraphs added by AbStar Fitness.

Benefit by Using the Exercise Star

In lay terms, the before-mentioned research study abstract means that the vast majority of exercisers can benefit from using a safe, unstable surface to enhance muscle use and recruitment. It means that you will use more muscles during our exercise classes and you will use them differently at each moment due to the unstable base of the Exercise Star.

Although similar benefits can be achieved by using heavier weights or more active, sports-inspired actions, AbStar exercise classes are designed to minimize detrimental impacts on the body while maximizing positive effects. Thus, using lighter weights with the Exercise Star along with other total body exercises can give you similar benefits more quickly and safely than using heavier weights or high-impact-type exercises. That makes our classes safe and effective for every participant.

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